Plenary Speakers

Professor Janny Leung (The University of Hong Kong)

Broadly speaking, Professor Leung’s research has revolved around the study of meaning. Her first line of research, developed from her doctoral work, focuses on the mapping between meaning and linguistic form in the acquisition and processing of language, using a psycholinguistic approach and a quantitative methodology. She is a founding member of the University of Hong Kong’s Speech, Language and Cognition Laboratory.

Her second and most current line of research lies in the emergent interdisciplinary area of language and law. She has published a monograph and a series of papers on challenges, ideologies and paradoxes in multilingual legal practice. She has also written about language rights, legal interpretation, unrepresented litigation, courtroom discourse, legal translation, and representations of law in the media. Her latest government-funded project deals with the evolution of law in the modern communication environment.

(From The University of Hong Kong)

Dr Andrea Santi (UCL)

Andrea Santi’s main research interests are in testing Neurolinguistic and Psycholinguistic theories of sentence processing using methods such as fMRI, self-paced reading, planned production, and cross modal lexical priming.  Much of this work has been based on studying the role of grammatical (ie, long distance dependencies) as well as other cognitive processes (ie, memory) in processing sentences and how they interact.  More recently they have been investigating the structure of conceptual semantics/semantic memory (our knowledge about the world) from both a neurological and behavioral perspective. Establishing the relationship between these two cognitive processes is a goal of future research. 

(From UCL)